Technology has been a great tool in making life easier for all of us today. Before there were spreadsheets that were available online, the ever reliable notebook plus pen was the normal way of budgeting using a spreadsheet.

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Who can forget the difficulty of finding entries quickly when a lot of books have already been accomplished. Erasures and corrections were a tedious process and storing them was another challenge. You had to protect your books from fire, flood and other potential threats to paper worksheets. Carrying them around was another problem when you had to transfer to another location.

Fast forward to today and most of the problems we used to face are now a thing of the past. We take a look at some of the best free personal budgeting worksheets available online for you to try out. Most of the spreadsheets are designed to be used with Microsoft Excel.

1. Financial Snapshot And Budget
This template offers users a multi-color and specific way to know where you are financially and gives you a forecast on where you want to go. It can help with estimating your net worth, work on budgets for housing and general expenses.

2. Williams Budgeting Sheet
This monthly budget spreadsheet includes a video tutorial on how to use it. We share some tips found in the video.

-It has a fuel calculator at the bottom which allows you to input how many gallons your car can store, the current gas prices, and how many times you expect to fill up your car every time you get your salary. A total will be generated as a rough estimate of your fuel expense for budgeting.

-The budget is color coordinated, this makes it easier to place similar items together. There are sums for each color at the bottom. You can make changes as you see fit, just don’t forget to change the formulas already placed at the bottom so that you can still make your spreadsheet accurately.

-There is a separate worksheet for our budget savings. This helps us in keeping track of money that we don’t use and is set aside for a specific purpose like Christmas gifts for example.

-To help you remember if a particular transaction on your spreadsheet is already paid, you can “bold” it. This will help in tracking pending items which are un-bolded.

-Column “A” shows the date in which your bills are due for payment, this will help in managing the sources of your income can be used to pay for a specific bill.

3. Household Budgeting Spreadsheet
This is such a user-friendly spreadsheet with just enough features to help you out in making your personal budget work.

4. Free Monthly Budget Template
This spreadsheet allows you to place each item that you buy in the proper item’s category. A total expense will be computed which you can compare with the budget that you allotted for it.

5. Debt Reduction Spreadsheet
This is an amazing spreadsheet that can assist you in deciding the best payment method to use for your debts. You can create a schedule to reduce your debts based on the debt-snowball or debt avalanche method. Page one will show a basic calculator where you can enter your debt information and choose your total monthly payment. A summary of the calculations will be shown to you based on your strategy. Page two allows you to print your payment schedule so that you are reminded of your obligations.

6. Super Starter Budgeting Template
This is a great template for first time users. It is one of the more simple to use templates out there which is excel based. There are 10 categories that you can use in order to track your spending every month. Just make sure to input correctly so that you will get accurate results.

This spreadsheet should be used as soon as possible so that you can maximize the benefits of being free of debts.

Free personal budgeting worksheets are just tools that we can use in order to help us with our budgeting. They have been designed to make it enjoyable and easy to do. Free does not mean that they are lower in quality compared to the paid worksheets.

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